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General Information

One of our missions at The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency is to be a resource for writers, published and unpublished, to help make their literary dreams a reality, whatever they might be.  We are proud to be the only literary agency to provide this opportunity, which includes Editor Evenings, workshops, and webinars.


Editor Evenings are intimate evenings of no more than a dozen writers, where each writer submits pages of their manuscript(s) to the agency one month before the event.  A top editor will evaluate their pages beforehand and give them face-to-face feedback at the Editor Evening, along with a written critique.  This is a wonderful opportunity for a writer to meet with an editor who might be interested in publishing their work, as well as receive valuable criticism of their manuscript pages.  We’ve had several attendees receive publishing offers for their work as a result of these Editor Evenings.


Workshops will be presented by top editors, published authors, and JDLA agents and are invaluable to writers of all genres to perfect their craft and also network with other writers and publishing industry professionals.


Webinars are a wonderful resource for writers who cannot travel to New York City.  We will have the same kinds of workshops offered online, so that everyone will be able to participate and have the same opportunities, regardless of where they live.

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