Savannah Brooks

Associate Literary Agent

Savannah Brooks joined the Jennifer De Chiara team in 2018 as an Associate Literary Agent after

interning for a year and a half. She earned her MFA, focused in creative nonfiction, from Hamline University and her BS in Marketing Management from Virginia Tech. She lives in Minneapolis and can regularly be found at one of Minnesota’s 11,842 lakes—yes, even in winter.


What I'm looking for


I mainly represent kid-lit (PB, MG, and YA), and I'm interested in books that focus on friendship, conflicting identity, and the theme of truth. I’m always drawn in by a protagonist venturing into a realm where society says they don’t belong (think swapping gender norms), and characters with weird obsessions are a weird obsession of mine—teach me strange new things, and I’m yours. I’m all about magical realism, non-western mythology, and modern retellings, but I’m not the best fit for high fantasy or science fiction.


In PB, I'm searching for projects that teach about and celebrate different cultures and places in the world and those that tackle serious topics in really accessible ways. For MG, I learn very heavily into action-adventure, especially those based on global folklore and mythology, and I love a snarky narrator and spooky situations. In YA, I'm looking for multicultural and queer perspectives on everything from modern teen experiences to reframing classic tropes like vampires and witches. I've been particularly wanting to see some horror.


For adult fiction, I'm looking for contemporary/commercial fiction, romcoms, thrillers and mysteries, and horror. For contemporary, I want smart writing that has something important to say while still incorporating humor. For romcoms, I want a big emphasis on the com—humor always goes far with me—and I'm particularly interested in interracial/intercultural stories, especially if both leads are people of color. For thrillers and mysteries, I'm not interested in law enforcement stories (including FBI and CIA) and am looking for brilliant plotting, whiplash pacing, and an intriguing secondary cast. And for horror, I adore stories based on folklore and learning about culture and history, especially non-Eurocentric. For all the work I take on, I'm looking to learn something new, to be immersed in a fascinating setting, and to find new perspectives/takes on sociopolitical issues.


For more, follow me on Twitter (@sblitagent) and read through my manuscript wish list.

How to submit

Submit your query and the first 20 pages of your manuscript via QueryMe.Online/SavannahBrooks. Queries sent by any other medium will not be considered.