Roseanne Wells

Literary Agent

Roseanne Wells joined The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency as an Associate Literary Agent in 2012. Previously with the Marianne Strong Literary Agency, she has also worked as a proofreader and a special sales/editorial assistant. She graduated from Sarah Lawrence College with degrees in literature and dance. An avid reader, Roseanne discovered her passion for book publishing during her internship at W. W. Norton, and she approaches agenting as a writer's advocate and partner. She is a former volunteer for Housing Works Bookstore Cafe in Soho, NYC. You can find her on Twitter @RivetingRosie.


What I'm looking for

In all categories, I'm eager to see diverse and underrepresented authors, marginalized stories, and crossing or blending genres.


Adult Non-fiction: I'm looking for authors who have a unique story to tell with a strong platform, and are dedicated to reaching their audience. I like narrative nonfiction, select memoir, science (popular or trade, not academic), history, travel, humor, food/cooking, pop culture, and similar subjects. I'm also interested non-fiction that has an illustrated or graphic element, humorous take, or an unexplored take on a familiar subject, all with a strong hook and takeaway for the reader.

Adult Fiction: I'm interested in science-fiction and fantasy; con/heist stories, especially featuring art, jewelry, or tech; and smart detective novels (more Sherlock Holmes than cozy mysteries).


Children's: I'm eager to see diverse voices and marginalized stories, unique narrative structures that support the story, and unreliable narrators. I'm looking for young adult and middle grade of all genres that connect me to a strong main character and a singular voice. I'm also open to picture books, especially from author/illustrators. I love cranky, mischievous characters that grow throughout the narrative, and stories that are fun and hilarious for children (and the adults who will read them 500 times). Non-fiction picture books in STEM, science, arts, and biographies are a big plus for me. I'm not interested in rhyming picture books or overly sweet and sentimental stories. 

How to submit

Please email a one-page query letter to Please include "Query" and your title in the subject line of the email, your contact information, and the first 20 pages pasted into the body of the email below the letter. Picture book authors should send one manuscript; I may request more if I'm interested. Illustrators should copy and paste artwork into the body of the email and send an expanded link (no type of links) to an online portfolio. No attachments will be opened. You will receive an automatic message once you submit. I only accept email queries, and any queries sent by regular mail will not be considered.

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