Alexandra Weiss

Associate Literary Agent

Alexandra Weiss is an Associate Literary Agent at the Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency. She
holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Publishing from Columbia College
Chicago and has written for several online publications, including Bustle and BuzzFeed.
Previously, she was an Acquisitions Editor for an award-winning fiction and non-fiction
anthology and interned for a boutique book publicist. She has also held numerous roles within
the world of marketing and PR. Alexandra is passionate about volunteering for literary organizations and can often be found at local indie bookstores and museums. Ever since she was little, her main goal has been to inspire others with the power of words, just like the many beloved books and authors have done before her.


What I'm looking for


Across the board, I’m dedicated to representing marginalized creators and diverse books, including #ownvoices. I’m actively seeking LGBTQIA+, POC, gender fluid, neurodiverse, and disabled voices for all age ranges and across all genres.


Picture books: I love clever, quirky, and funny picture books as well as heartfelt tales that subtly teach important lessons. I’m also a big fan of nonfiction picture books and adore stories that capture the wonders of the universe in a fun and educational way (think Jess Keating’s The World of Weird Animals). I’m also eager to build my author/illustrator list with unique and bold artists.


Middle-grade: I’m open to all genres in middle-grade and hope to find stories filled with whimsy, wonder, and wild adventures. Anything that feels familiar but has a touch of magic or that perfectly blends heartbreak and hope is my cup of tea. I’m especially drawn to stories that tackle big questions and feature diverse protagonists. Some of my favorite characters happen to be nerdy, funny, and incredibly passionate about STEM subjects. I’d love to find the next See You in the Cosmos or Song for a Whale.


In middle-grade and YA, I’m most eager to find graphic novels, especially those that have a similar feel and style to Hilda or Gravity Falls. I’d also love to see contemporary graphic novels that tackle everyday problems that kids face like Go with the Flow and New Kid.


Young Adult: I'm looking for writers who have the ability to turn their pens into paintbrushes; in other words, beautiful writing. The genres I'm most interested in representing include contemporary, magical realism, and light SFF. I’d especially love to find more stories that feature ghosts, mermaids, or witches with something new to say. I’d also like to see more rom-coms that make my heart feel warm and fuzzy like Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. I’d love to find more YA that take place outside of the United States and explores cultures from around the globe.


Adult: At the moment, I’m seeking popular science proposals from scientists or experts in their field, especially if it pertains to global warming, travel, or STEM subjects. I’m also open to unique gift books and baking books (not cookbooks). In fiction, I’m selectively seeking literary works that feature complex relationships and family dynamics that surround something bigger, like A Visit from the Goon Squad and Miles from Nowhere.

How to submit

Please submit your query to http://QueryMe.Online/AlexandraWeiss.


As of 2020, I am only using Query Manager and will reply to all queries within 4-6 weeks. Any queries sent by email or regular mail will not be considered.


For non-query related matters, email me at

245 Park Avenue, 39th Floor, New York, NY 10167 | 212.372.8989