Alexandra Weiss

Associate Agent

Alexandra Weiss is a Books Writer for, the PR Manager for a local Chicago circus, and an all-around literary bookworm.  She graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BFA in Creative Writing and Publishing in 2015.  Previously she's worked as an Acquisitions Editor for the award-winning anthology Hair Trigger, interned as a publicist for Kaye Publicity, and was a loyal volunteer for Columbia's annual Story Week: Festival of Writers event for the past four years.  Ever since she was little, her main goal has been to inspire with words, just like the many beloved books and authors have done before her.


What I'm looking for


Young Adult:  I'm looking for writers who have the ability to turn their pens into paintbrushes; in other words, beautiful writing.  The genres I'm most interested in representing include realism, science fiction, and fantasy - but stories that include magic (think The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Stiefvater and The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern) are my weakness, as are stories that include space and science.  I'm looking for strong YA voices, and ones that go beyond the coming-of-age story.  I love stories that explore culture, race, sexuality, and identity. I’m passionate about representing literature from diverse and underrepresented voices.


Children's Fiction:  I love all types of adventurous, silly, and out-of-the-box children and middle-grade books.  Books with or without pictures intrigue me, and I'm most interested in a character-driven story and big plot to explore.


Other fiction:  I'm not looking for romance, but I am looking for strong literary voices that take the notion that every story is a love story to new levels.  I'm interested in complex relationship stories that surround something bigger.  I'm open to most genres, but heavy mystery, horror, or thriller stories are not for me.  Books that are written in or include uses of uncommon formats (uses of letters, screenplay, photos, poetry, or collection of short stories or essays) is another unique quality I look for.

How to submit


Please email a query letter with "Query" in the subject line to  Please send the first twenty pages in the body of the email, along with a one-paragraph bio and one-paragraph synopsis.  Established picture book authors, please email your query and bio with the complete picture book manuscript pasted into the body of the email.

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